Stud 18 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه
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Stud 18 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه

Contact number: 04134479681

Factory address: Tabriz The Azarshahr road has not reached the police road next to Koi Mandagh


Stud 18

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The shape of the stud is similar to the English letter U. A stud consists of a horizontal surface and two walls or wings perpendicular to it, in which case the stud takes the shape of a U with open sections. Studs are produced in different sizes, thicknesses and materials and have many applications in different fields. Studs are used for construction and industrial applications. In the construction application, it can be used in door and window frames or repairing a part of a destroyed building. There are many different industrial applications of studs. Studs are used in the production of frames and bases of industrial equipment. Studs are widely used to make supports in pipelines or in refineries in piping units. Production of structures and platforms is another industrial use of studs. In the road construction industry, studs are also used as a base for guardrails and other traffic equipment.

Studs, like other products, are available in different types. Studs are produced in different sizes, including sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22.

Types of studs according to their weight and dimensions

  • Light studs:

Light gutter means that the gutter has a weight less than the weight of the standard table of Stahl, and its weight is not in accordance with the engineering tables and is lower than the standard value.

  • Heavy studs:

Heavy gutter means that the gutter has a weight equal to the weight of Stadard Stall’s tables and the weight of this type of gutter is according to the calculation tables of engineers.

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