Sheet 2.5 * 1.25 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه
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Sheet 2.5 * 1.25 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه

Contact number: 04134479681

Factory address: Tabriz The Azarshahr road has not reached the police road next to Koi Mandagh


Sheet 2.5 * 1.25

Sheets produced by Mowahed Steel Factory have formability, weldability, high resistance, dimensional accuracy and high surface quality.
Among the applications of sheets, we can mention the manufacturing of medical devices, household appliances, automobile industry and public transportation, etc.

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Thickness: 2mm

Size: 1/25*2/5

Approximate weight of each leaf: 49 kg

Number of leaves in the package: 60

Approximate weight of each package: 2940 kg

Company capabilities

  • Variation in sheet thickness to order
  • Production of sheets with variety in product length
  • Variety in sheet sheet packaging in different weights


The use of sheets in various industries, including the construction industry, tanker manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, special tanks, shipbuilding and heavy metal industries, etc.


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