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90 * 90 cans

Can profile 90×90 Sadra Kaveh profile Can 90×90 Sadra profile Kaveh company is one of the most widely used steel profiles in the domestic market, which is widely used in the construction industry, due to its extraordinary strength. The dimensions of this cross-section are such that the length and width are equal to 90 mm, and its thickness is 2 mils. You can use the table to calculate its weight!

According to this table, the steel section with these dimensions has a weight of 4.137 kg per 1 meter. The square can profiles produced by Foulad Mowahed Company have formability, weldability, high resistance and have high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Among the applications of 90×90 cans of Sadra Profile Kaveh Company, we can mention the manufacturing of medical equipment, automotive industry, transportation, etc.

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90×90 can of Sadra Profile Kaveh Company

Thickness: 2 mm

Size: 6 meters

Approximate weight of each branch: 720/33

Number of branches in the package: 30

Approximate weight of each package: 1010 kg


Capabilities and capacities of the company

  • Variation in the thickness of the square can profiles, depending on the type of your order.

Uses of square box 90×90

The 90×90 square can is used in various industries, including the following:

1) Medical supplies:

  • Manufacturing all kinds of folding and fixed hospital beds and patient transport equipment, laboratory supplies and equipment

2) Automotive industries:

  • The use of 90×90 square cans in the construction of rooms for light and heavy vehicles, trailers, cargo carriers, etc.
قوطی 90*90

پروفیل قوطی 90*90 فولاد موحد

3) educational supplies:

  • Manufacturing all kinds of metal tables and chairs, all kinds of desks and benches, all kinds of high quality laboratory equipment.

4) Household appliances:

  • Making all kinds of metal beds, all kinds of pedestals, all kinds of metal dining services, all kinds of metal furniture, all kinds of shelves, all kinds of metal shelves, making refrigerators, all kinds of clothes hangers, wardrobes, rice cooker baskets, gas stoves and super cabinets. kitchen.

5) Public and civil uses and urban construction according to today’s standards:

  • The use of 90×90 square cans in the construction of protection around parks, universities, military centers, around banks and offices, residential areas, farms and gardens, covering the facade of different stations, doors and windows, and all kinds of fences.
  • Used to cover all kinds of roof sheds and its walls
  • Building skylights and umbrella structures
  • Corridor, escape stairs, terrace stairs, partitions and elevators

6) traffic and advertising signs:

  • In the production of advertising and guidance signs in small and large sizes, outside and inside the city and on the road.

7) Sports and recreational equipment:

  • In the manufacture of sports equipment such as bodybuilding equipment located in parks, health stations, sports clubs, games city, all kinds of chairs, all kinds of gazebos and canopies on beaches, entertainment complexes, halls, etc.

8) Industry and agriculture:

From the latest use of the 90×90 can of Sadra Profile Kaveh company, we can mention its use in the agricultural industry:

  • In the manufacture of all kinds of industrial machines and overhead and gantry cranes, protectors, support bases, columns, electrical panels and warehouse shelves.
  • In the construction of greenhouses, agricultural tools, agricultural machinery.
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