Tube 60 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه
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Tube 60 - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه

Contact number: 04134479681

Factory address: Tabriz The Azarshahr road has not reached the police road next to Koi Mandagh


Tube 60

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Tube 60

The steel pipes produced by Sadra Profile Kaveh Company have variety, formability, weldability, high resistance, dimensional accuracy and high surface quality. Pipe 60 has a size (diameter) of 60 mm.

Among the applications of steel pipes, we can mention the manufacture of bicycles, motorcycles, intercity and suburban water supply, etc.

  • The use of industrial pipes in the construction of water supply pipes, deep wells, fluid transfer, construction facilities, civil works and urban planning, various reinforcements, various industries, machine building, sports equipment, playgrounds, urban furniture, pedestrian bridges , automobile manufacturing, etc., and due to the beauty and impressiveness of round sections compared to other sections, spatial structures, especially in high-traffic areas such as bus and train stations, airport waiting rooms, pedestrian bridges and Lighting beams are erected using steel pipes.

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