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Profile 508 or two edges

Profile 508, which is also known as double profile. This profile is produced in Sadra Kaveh Profile company with a thickness of 2 mm and a length of 6 meters. Profile 508 is produced by cold rolling method.

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Profile 508 is also known as double profile. This profile is produced in Sadra Profile Kaveh company with a thickness of 2 mm and a length of 6 meters. Profile 508 is produced by cold rolling method. The sheet used in Profile 508 in Sadra Kaveh Profile with JIS G3131, G3132, DIN 2395 standards has chemical compounds (Silica with 0.35, Carbon with 0.3 to 0.1, Sulfur 0.04, Phosphorus 0.04, Manganese 0.5) which meets the requirements in terms of quality. be customers so that it can be effective in the lightening and strength of steel structures.

508 profiles are included in the group of closed profiles. If you intend to buy or get information about 508 profile or two edges, stay with us until the end…

پروفیل 508,خرید پروفیل دو لبه,پروفیل 508,

خرید پروفیل 508

Capabilities of Sadra Profile Kaveh Company

  • Variation in the thickness of the 508 profile
  • Diversity in packing profiles in different weights
  • Daily price of profile 508

Application of profile 508

Door and window profiles, which include profiles 507, 508 and 509, are often used in the construction of all kinds of metal doors and windows, the construction of metal fences for the doors and windows of houses, the side of stairs, as well as fences around the walls of factories and enclosed lands. fences are used on sidewalks and streets.

Profile specifications 508

Steel is also used in the construction of 508 or double-sided profiles. The strength and stability of steel has made it an essential component in creating structures and building frames. Today, the steel tubular profile is very popular.

Because it is light, safe and resistant, and these features are very important when making frames. In addition, air, water, noise insulation is maintained so that larger and heavier windows and doors can be realized.

The reflective properties of aluminum make it an ideal option for keeping buildings cool in the warmer months. Also, using it to make doors and windows for air conditioning requires less electricity.

Also, this product has a thickness of 2 mm. The use of profiles with a thickness of 2 mm increases the strength of the connection; Because it allows the creation of strands with a higher number of threads compared to profiles with a lower thickness: as a result, the force is distributed at a higher level and at the joint, the resistance capabilities are increased.

In addition to being used in doors and windows, this product is used for fencing and fences around buildings, sidewalks, etc.


Weight (kg/m)

Dimensions (mm)






3.05 2.44 25 38 29



Buy profile 508 or two edges

Mowahed Steel Company is “the first manufacturer of profile pipes and cans in the northwest of the country” that offers its products with the highest quality and reasonable price. On the website of Foulad Mohed, the specifications of various products are presented and it offers the most suitable option for you.


شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه,خرید پروفیل دو لبه,پروفیل 508,


Today’s price of profile 508 or two edges

The price of the 508 steel profile depends on its dimensions, the manufacturing company and the quality of the manufactured product. However, factors such as exchange rate changes, prices in the global market, and political factors also affect the price of this product. But Sadra Profile Kaveh Tabriz continues to produce products. You can find out about the daily price of profile 508 by communicating through the following communication channels.



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