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Mexican frame outside

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The Mexican frame, which is also known as the spoon frame, can be produced in different sizes in the sheet bending section. that this frame is produced in two types outside and inside. If the production framework of the factories is in two sizes, 3.5 and 4 cm. Mexican frames are used in the construction industry to make anti-theft and wooden doors, etc.


Mexican framework specifications

The length of the branches produced by Mexican factories is 6.60 cm.

The weight of each branch varies depending on the thickness of the sheet. The weight of each branch of 6.60 cm Mexican four-wood with a thickness of two millimeters is 33 kg.

The difference between the internal and external Mexican framework:

This frame is produced in two types, outside and inside. The difference in appearance is indicated in the photo below:

انواع چارچوب مکزیکی


Mexican frame application outside

Among the applications of frame profiles, we can mention the construction of metal door frames for wooden, MDF and HDF doors.


Buying and selling Mexican frames outside

Sadra Profile Kaveh Company is one of the largest factories selling Mexican frames in Tabriz. And the price of the Mexican frame, like other steel products, depends on the quality of the manufacturer and its type and thickness. The price of the Mexican frame, on the other hand, is not affected by currency fluctuations and increases with the increase in the price of the currency and the dollar. The increase in the price of the dollar has made exports affordable, and therefore the domestic market faces a shortage of products. On the other hand, with the increase in the price of the dollar, the procurement of raw materials for the production of profile products has increased and affects its final price. However, Sadra Profile Kaveh company continues its activity in the production of products such as profiles, beams, Mexican frames, etc.


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The day price of the Mexican frame outside

The price of the Mexican frame depends on its dimensions, the manufacturing company and the quality of the manufactured product. However, factors such as exchange rate changes, prices in the global market, and political factors also affect the price of this product. But as mentioned, Sadra Profile Kaveh Tabriz company continues its activity in producing products, which you can find out about the daily price of all types of Mexican frames by communicating through the communication channels below.


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