Shipping products - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه
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Shipping products - شرکت صدرا پروفیل کاوه

Contact number: 04134479681

Factory address: Tabriz The Azarshahr road has not reached the police road next to Koi Mandagh


How to send products is always one of the challenges of buyers and customers, it is very important to choose a suitable, reliable, low-cost shipping service that delivers orders to buyers in the shortest possible time. Sadra Profile Kaveh company is aware of this issue and also for the convenience and comfort of the buyers, it accelerates the cargo transportation process and to satisfy the audience, it sends cargo to the buyers at a low cost. It also guarantees safe delivery of your cargo across the country.

It should be noted that the products are loaded after the order is registered and paid by the buyer.


Communication with the transport unit


09021146765 (for Telegram and WhatsApp)